Monitoring and Restoring, Te Waihū o te Tohorā, with Mangatawa-Pāpāmoa Blocks

Together, we jumped in and waded through the waters to determine the health of the awa, Te Waihū o te Tohorā and improve it for generations to come.

Mangatawa-Pāpāmoa Blocks and Enspire are working together to assess the health of Te Waihū o te Tohorā. In March of 2023, we gathered to share our knowledge, collect data, and determine the baseline health of the aquatic ecosystem. Throughout the week, we undertook fish surveying through modern hīnaki (fyke netting), tau kōura, and minnow traps-catching many wriggly tuna throughout! To assess the ecological value of Te Waiū o te Tohorā, we completed thorough habitat surveys which included measurements for stream morphology, water chemistry, potential fish spawning habitat, and more. 

During these surveys, Mangatawa-Pāpāmoa Blocks whānau eagerly suited up in waders and jumped into the waters to learn and practice the skills. By the end of the week, their whānau mastered the monitoring process and will continue monitoring efforts as a greater restoration plan for Te Waiū o te Tohorā is developed and implemented.

Kauaka e kōrero mō te awa, engari kōrero ki te awa – do not merely talk about the river, rather speak to it and commune with the river.

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Contributed by: Jacquie Pallard
Published on: 12 April 2023