Meet the Team – Shawn Gardner

When it comes to creating value in a modern climate-changed world, it is impossible to ignore the importance of hybrid human-natural environments.  I came to planning as a way to understand and add value to the places we live.  I believe that we can create a future where not only do humans not damage natural … Read more

Meet The Team – Sherryn Wright

Sherryn Wright Administration Manager  Ph: 022 345 0023 Being a typical kiwi kid I spent a lot of time swimming, snorkelling, water skiing or fishing. In 1978 our family moved to Australia’s Gold Coast, another fabulous place to enjoy the outdoors.  In 1996, after seeing the world, I moved back to New Zealand and in the … Read more

Meet the team – Terry Calmeyer

After three years at New Zealand’s Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) in Wellington, I have decided to move back to the consulting sector and have therefore joined Enspire as an Associate Director, and moved to the beautiful Tauranga with my partner, in April 2023.My passion is to contribute to the quality of life of people, especially … Read more

Monitoring and Restoring, Te Waihū o te Tohorā, with Mangatawa-Pāpāmoa Blocks

Together, we jumped in and waded through the waters to determine the health of the awa, Te Waihū o te Tohorā and improve it for generations to come. Mangatawa-Pāpāmoa Blocks and Enspire are working together to assess the health of Te Waihū o te Tohorā. In March of 2023, we gathered to share our knowledge, … Read more

Freshwater Environmental DNA Sampling

Genetic clues left behind by the organisms that swim through, splash in, and make their homes in streams, rivers, and lakes. Last month, our freshwater Ecologist, Nicola Pyper, went out to assess an underground stream, searching for any signs of aquatic life within the caves! Enspire were asked to assist with a large-scale project that … Read more

Stormwater Conference 2021

This May, Tauranga was the proud host of the Stormwater Conference 2021.  In 2020, we were living in a rapidly changing world due to the recent emergence of COVID-19 and the delegates of the conference were unable to meet face to face.  This year the opportunity to mix and mingle, discuss challenges, and share innovative ideas was … Read more

Freshwater Ecological Monitoring in Canterbury

As the season changes and the wet, cold and dark weather drawers closer, ecologists also say goodbye to the field season and days out in the sunshine with dirt under their fingernails. Earlier this year, Enspire’s freshwater ecologist, Nicola Pyper, spent a week under the beautiful Canterbury summer sunshine. The days were long but working … Read more

NZPI Conference 2021

“No one said it is going to be easy – but if it was, we would not be in the resource management space in the first place.” During March I was lucky enough to spend three beautiful days in Nelson at the New Zealand Planners Institute Annual Conference.  The theme of this year’s conference was “values, … Read more

Opening of Parliament and the Resource Management System

The Speech from the Throne at the State Opening of Parliament has outlined the legislative policy agenda and priorities of the Government for the next three years. The speech by the Governor General has outlined that ‘improving the planning system’ is a priority for the Government. The Government will repeal and replace the Resource Management Act … Read more

Meet the team: Shannen Bagge

Shannen commenced with Ryder Consulting Limited (the predecessor organisation to Enspire) in 2015, as a fresh-faced graduate with little business experience but a lot of knowledge that she wished to share and apply. The fact that she has been appointed to a General Management role five years later is a testament to her hard work … Read more