Central Government Policy and Regulatory Design

Understanding the importance of community, and cultural environments, at Enspire we offer boutique advice for and in response to Central Government through our integrated services and extensive experience, following holistic frameworks that work towards a project running steadily, punctually and on budget. 

Services to Central Government:

  • Researching and defining social, market or environmental risks or failures
  • Designing policy positions and regulatory tools, including economic instruments
  • Preparation of briefing papers, and regulatory impact statements
  • Preparation of statement of intent and annual reports
  • Presenting evidence to select committees
  • Facilitating consultation
  • Independent project management of interdepartmental programmes.

Services to business and property owners:

  • Monitoring and assessing implications of Central Government policy and regulatory changes and preparation of submissions
  • Advising on regulatory failures and design improvements, and preparing briefings to ministers and departments seeking policy change.