Ecological Monitoring

Monitoring and Restoring, Te Waihū o te Tohorā, with Mangatawa-Pāpāmoa Blocks

Together, we jumped in and waded through the waters to determine the health of the awa, Te Waihū o te Tohorā and improve it for generations to come. Mangatawa-Pāpāmoa Blocks and Enspire are working together to assess the health of Te Waihū o te Tohorā. In March of 2023, we gathered to share our knowledge, … Read more

Freshwater Environmental DNA Sampling

Genetic clues left behind by the organisms that swim through, splash in, and make their homes in streams, rivers, and lakes. Last month, our freshwater Ecologist, Nicola Pyper, went out to assess an underground stream, searching for any signs of aquatic life within the caves! Enspire were asked to assist with a large-scale project that … Read more

Freshwater Ecological Monitoring in Canterbury

As the season changes and the wet, cold and dark weather drawers closer, ecologists also say goodbye to the field season and days out in the sunshine with dirt under their fingernails. Earlier this year, Enspire’s freshwater ecologist, Nicola Pyper, spent a week under the beautiful Canterbury summer sunshine. The days were long but working … Read more