A 30-year dream to develop multi-level apartments, overlooking the Tauranga Harbour.

While executing other commercial developments, Mr Taylor committed to a personal project on a section he owned for 30-years. Enspire was engaged to assist with the original design phase involving collaboration with the designer over the opportunities and challenges of the city plan and designing a development that will stand the test of time. This was no ordinary site; whilst it contains outstanding northern and western views to the harbour and beyond, it also contains a large escarpment dropping in excess of 20 metres to the estuary below, requiring some innovative design and engineering solutions. Nevertheless, the design and consent process were worked through, with the development gaining approval via a non-notified resource consent process, allowing Bill and his team to test the market.

Following the initial design process, Enspire was again engaged to work with the designers to modernise the proposal, to gain efficiencies in the floor plan and to maximise the quality of living space. The design changes were able to be worked through with the team and resource consents gained to enable the development to move into the construction phase.

We are confident these high-end apartments will not sit on the market for long, a testament to one man’s vision to create premier properties in the city.