I orea te tuatara ka patu ki waho
- a problem is solved by continuing to find solutions

Change inspires us. We believe that with change comes opportunity. Change provides an impetus to explore and create, while allowing for fresh ideas, insights and perspectives to flourish. We are focused on helping others develop inspiring environments, whether they be places to live, work, or recreate in; the industries and infrastructures needed to support businesses and communities; places for culture or commerce; or the ever-important fundamentals of the sustainability of the environment around us.

We believe that it takes expertise, strategy and a focus on the future to truly deliver for our clients; and most importantly it takes solid relationships. We hugely value the relationships we form with our clients, and in so many instances we have become solid members of their teams.

He waka eke noa
- a canoe which we are all in with no exception

Our team offers a solid track record across a diverse range of sectors, including Local Government, Central Government, property and infrastructure development (residential, commercial, industrial), electricity generation (in particular wind and hydro), the primary sector (in particular forestry, dairying, irrigation), extractive industries (quarrying and mining), waste management and landfills, fuel refining, and recreation and tourism, amongst others.

Our People

At enspire we are focused on attracting and nurturing the finest talent that thrives on creativity teamwork and innovation while providing a safe and exciting working environment and culture. Our young, passionate and inspired team is dedicated to delivering service par excellence to our clients. Encouraging and enabling personal and professional development across the Company, we provide pathways for our staff that enable them to stay at the forefront of the industry. Constantly encouraging innovation and efficiency we equip our staff with fresh and improved technology to ensure optimum performance. Maintaining a proactive approach regarding Health and Safety and environmental practices in the workplace, we encourage and facilitate our staff to achieve a healthy work/life balance.