Nicola Pyper

Nicola Pyper

Freshwater Ecologist  Ph: 07 394 9514

Originally from London, I moved to New Zealand as a child, and the change in environment as a young person had a huge impact on me. I grew up making the most of everything the natural environment of New Zealand has to offer, and made the easy decision to make this passion into a career.

Since graduating, I have worked throughout the North and South Islands of New Zealand, gaining experience in freshwater ecology and environmental science. My latest adventure is shifting to Tauranga and taking on a role as a freshwater ecologist with Enspire.

Being a person who loves the outdoors and being active, I am ready to embrace both the outdoor hobbies that the Bay of Plenty offers, and the opportunity to work in a different region with a new landscape. I am driven by my desire to find long-term solutions that protect and enhance ecosystem services and the beautiful natural environment of New Zealand, while promoting sustainable economic, social and cultural benefits. I am eager to take on new challenges and work with our clients to provide the best quality services and solutions.

I love to be out in the field during the working week, studying and assessing our rivers, streams and lakes, but also carry my enjoyment of the outdoors into my spare time. I am an enthusiastic (though not particularly skilled!) surfer and skier. I also love to fill my spare time with activity, being a gym instructor and keen participant in social sport. Weekends away with people I care about, exploring and walking our beautiful landscape is my idea of a perfect way to spend my spare time.