Strategic freshwater management across the Manawatu-Wanganui region.

In order to fulfil its obligations under the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management, Horizons Regional Council (‘HRC’) is undertaking a programme of collaborative freshwater planning across the region.  In doing so, the Council intends to work with the community to develop seven catchment plans to maintain and improve freshwater quality.  The plans are intended to provide a roadmap for what the community want for freshwater and how to get there.

Enspire was engaged to provide a project plan specific to the Manawatu catchment to support this initiative and to provide an indicative project structure to contribute towards how HRC could carry it out.

Completing the project plan and an indicative structure involved an extensive interview process with both internal and external stakeholders that ultimately informed our analysis and recommendations.  Our recommendations were intended to assist HRC in adapting their resources required to fulfil the overall strategy by identifying stakeholders, how to proceed with consultation and the internal resourcing of staff.

HRC was responsive to Enspire’s recommendations and are awaiting the outcome of the Action for Healthy Waterways package before fully advancing the collaborative freshwater planning programme.