Local Government Policy and Planning Expertise

Thanks to an unequalled understanding of New Zealand’s environmental regulatory landscape, at Enspire we not only offer an array of services on all regional and district policy matters to Local Government but also to business and property owners,  along with technical and practical skills, delivered with integrity, as we seamlessly become a part of your team.
Services to Local Government: 
  • Plan development and plan changes - including regulatory design and technical plan writing, designing and facilitating consultation processes, designing and project managing the planning process, research to inform plan content
  • Peer reviewing and ‘road testing’ council developed plans
  • Assessing and advising councils on all aspects of resource consent processing
  • Project managing complex and/or challenging planning or consent processing
  • Planning for and responding to natural disasters
  • Strategy development to assist organisational performance within councils
  • Compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Monitoring and assessing implications of Central Government policy and regulatory changes and drafting submissions to such changes
  • Staff development and mentoring.

Services to business and property owners:

  • Preparation of assessments of environmental effects and resource consent applications
  • Establishing, altering or transferring designations
  • Project managing complex and/or controversial resource consent applications
  • Facilitating consultation with potentially affected parties
  • Compliance programming, auditing, monitoring, and reporting
  • Monitoring and assessing implications of policy and plan changes and preparation of submissions
  • Hearing, Caucusing and Environment Court representation.