Vibrant city growth doesn’t occur without its challenges.

Enspire provided an independent planning evaluation of various resource management authorisation risks faced by three potential improvements to Turret Road. The assessment was presented to elected members and informed their decision making. Improving Tauranga’s transport network is essential for the continued functioning of Tauranga, and to the safe movement of both its residents and visitors to the City.

The area that could be impacted by the improvement options supports a number of notable environmental values, including the proximity to Waimapu Estuary, the location of a number of protected Pohutukawa trees, and the impact on private properties both running parallel to Turret Road, the cultural significance of the area, and the important ecosystems. The potential for those values to be impacted by the various improvement options was a key consideration, especially when we assessed the environmental viability of the proposed alternatives in light of the applicable planning instruments (including the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement, the Bay of Plenty Regional Policy Statement and the Tauranga District Plan).

Our risk assessment was acknowledged as being well prepared, comprehensive and robust, and we were commended for the assistance that it provided to the Tauranga City Council.